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Out-of-District Information

In general, students must live within the boundaries of USD 385 to attend Andover Public Schools. Below is the district policy on out-of-district attendance:

Board of Education Policy JBC
adopted Dec. 12, 1994 - Last revised March 13, 2017

Non-resident students are those who do not meet the qualification of a resident student. Although the district is not required to admit non-resident students, non-resident students may be admitted through the intra-district student transfer process to the extent that staff, facilities, equipment, and supplies are available. Since schools are maintained for the primary benefit of residents of the district, non-resident students will not normally be admitted. Children of all full-time employees of the district and full-time employees of the Butler County Special Education Interlocal assigned to the district may attend the district’s schools with building administrator’s approval as long as employment continues in the district. Upon the effective date of this policy and/or the date of employment, a non-resident employees’ work site address will be used to designate the attendance area for school assignment of his/her child(ren). School assignment will be subject to the district’s student Intra-District Transfer policy, change in residency status and other board of education policies. Consideration will be given to past academic, attendance and discipline performance in determining approval for admittance. For purposes of this policy only, full-time is defined as regularly working the total number of hours that is normally required for a district position, providing it is at least 20 hours weekly for nine months. Owning land within the district does not constitute residency. Intent to build on land within the district shall constitute residency provided a basement, foundation or slab has been poured and the residence is completed within six months. Non-resident students will be notified in writing by the building principal that their enrollment will be revoked. Violators of this policy will be required to enroll elsewhere immediately. Parents may petition the building administrator for permission to finish the current academic year in which the move takes place. Students whose parents move to another school district may complete the semester in which the move takes place, provided transportation is provided by the family/student. Students, who complete their junior year in the semester the move occurs, and are eligible to be seniors the next year, may attend district schools.

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