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A La Carte

Students' a la carte purchasing status will be exactly as it was last school year. If your student was permitted to purchase a la carte in 2022-23, that same status will be active August of 2023. If your student was not permitted to purchase a la carte at the end of last school year, that will also be the case for August 2023. If you would like to change or check your student’s a la carte status, please call Bonnie Scarth in the Nutrition Services office at 316-218-4603 or

A la carte pricing

Some of these a la carte items are not compliant for middle and elementary level students.

$2.50 - Grilled chicken sandwich

$2.30 - High school and middle school a la carte lunch entree (current or previous day, high school student favorites), specialty wraps

$2.25 - 20 oz Propel

$2.00 - A la carte lunch entree for elementary (current or previous day), 10 oz Dole Juice, 20 oz Lipton Tea, Gatorade, ICE Beverages

$1.75 - 8.5 oz lzze Sparkling Soda, 8.35 oz Switch Beverage

$1.50 - 20 oz Aquafina Water, 20 oz Aquafina Flavor, fruit smoothies, fruit and yogurt parfaits, low fat vanilla mini cone, french fries, vegetable or fruit cup with dip, chips and salsa, pita and hummus, hard boiled eggs

$1.25 - Breakfast Entree (Current or Previous Day), High School and Middle School Smart Snacks Compliant Fruit/Vegetable Sides, Beacon Street Sliders, Soft Pretzel with Cheese Sauce, Bosco Stick, Frog Spit Frozen Treat, Strawberry or Chocolate Crunch Ice Cream Bar, Fruit Juice Slushy

$1.00 - Assorted chips, assorted packaged cookies, fruit snacks, Pop Tarts, Rice Krispie Treats, cereal, cereal bars, Chex Mix, string cheese, cookies and cream bar, frozen orange dream bar, frozen fudge bar, Totally Tubular Sherbet, ice cream sandwich, Capri Sun, pudding cups, yogurt cups, Go-Gurt, Elementary Smart Snacks Compliant fruit/vegetable sides

$0.65 - Milk

$0.50 - Juice

$0.35 - Dinner rolls