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Code Of Conduct

I will respect others.

I will respect property.

I will be safe.

I will be prepared.

I will be responsible.

I will help everyone in this school feel capable, connected, and contributing.

  We believe

  • The primary role of the school system is to provide quality instruction.
  • Excellent leaders are the foundation of quality instruction.
  • High expectations, structure, discipline and a safe environment are essential for optimal learning.
  • Each student can learn, grow, and progress.
  • Students' physical and emotional needs must be met for maximum learning to take place.
  • Instruction must include consideration of learning styles, stages of readiness, and cultural background.
  • Strong home, school and community partnerships maximize student potential.
  • The instructional and support programs must be continually evaluated for effectiveness.
  • Excellent facilities and equipment are important to a quality learning environment.
  • The goal is to develop successful and productive citizens.

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